Denny’s Application

What you need to know about your Denny’s Application: How and Where to Start 


While you could just search for a Denny’s application and go through any number of third party sites to fill out a Denny’s application that is not the safest or the smartest choice. You can easily go online to fill out a Denny’s application. This is done from their website, and there is also a link a bit further down in their article that will take you to a printable application.

When you click on the link above it will take you to the careers page of the official Denny’s webpage. There you will find a list of stores hiring and positions that they are hiring for. Make your selections and you will be directed to the job description page along with the option to “Apply here”.

After you fill out the application you have finished the first stage of the application process. You will also need to do an assessment. This is a list of questions that allow employers to gauge whether or not you will be a great fit for the company as well as position for which you have applied. It is always important to answer these questions honestly, because they are set up to detect when someone is just “telling them what they think the company wants to hear.”

While many companies do allow you to fill out online applications and assessments nowadays it is very important to call the location for which you are applying and get them to look at it. They will not only be made aware that you have applied for work, but they will see that you are interested too. That goes a long ways.

You can print out a Denny’s application here. If you choose to take in a printed application it is always a great idea to have a cover letter and resume attached. Filling out your Denny’s application is about more than the method, but it is also about you.

Personality is important from the front of the house to the back. You appearance when you meet the managers is critical. You want to maintain a good, clean appearance. It is always best to not overdo or under do it. There is no reason to wear a suit for a server’s position interview, but sandals and shorts is not the way to go either. Dress comfortable and casually according to the position in which you are applying, and don’t forget to smile as well as make eye contact.

Denny’s is a great and fun place to work, and it offers a lot to employees including advancement opportunities, vacations and benefits just to name some. They have an open door policy, and you can truly enjoy the work if you like public service positions.

When you hire in with and do a good job for this chain you are securing a career choice that you will be able to peruse elsewhere if for some reason down the line you need to move. The list of reasons that you will love working for this family restaurant are innumerous.

Remember, don’t go through third party sites to fill out your Denny’s application, but utilize the links above to get the best and safest results. Good luck!

Denny’s Online Application

If you are looking for a fun place to work that offers many opportunities and benefits then maybe you should consider filling out Denny’s online application.

This is a company that treats its employees like family. It can be a moderate to fast paces work environment, so if you like a challenge and working with the public it is a great option.

Denny’s maintains an open door policy to all of its staff, and the jobs offered are truly enjoyable to the right candidate. When you work with a chain like Denny’s no matter where you go you can almost bet that you are going to have employment options, plus, this is a great job to have on your resume.

There are so many reasons that Denny’s is a fantastic career choice that it’s impossible to count them all.

You should not go through third party sites to fill out your application. While some of them may be creditable others may be sights fishing for your information. You can access the Denny’s online application here, or download a paper application here.

The reason third party sites are so dangerous nowadays is because there are identity thieves online trying to gain access to things like your birthday and social security number or direct deposited information. When you fill out Denny’s online application you know you are secure, and there is no compromise of that sensitive information.

When you go to the careers option from the main website you will be taken to a list of jobs and positions that Denny’s stores are hiring for according to location. After making your section there it will then redirect you to another page describing the job position and offering you the “Apply Here” option as well.

Once you have completed Denny’s online application you are half way there! You also have to complete a required assessment that will help employers decide who will be the best fit for the positions being applied for.

It is critical that you answer all of the questions as honestly as possible. There questioners are designed to acknowledge deception, and no one wants a dishonest employee.

After you have completed your application and assessment make sure that you follow the online instructions to properly submit it. You should also get a verification email.

You will then need to give the Denny’s that you applied for a call. Remember, attitude and personality goes a long ways! This not only makes them aware that you have applied to the position, but it shows them that you are serious about obtaining the job as well.

If you decide to take a paper application in to the location then attach a cover letter and resume to it as well. It is far more professional and it will make yours stand out from the rest.

While that is important, it is also fundamental that you understands it is about more than the method in which you have applied. Your demeanor, confidence and enthusiasm are also very key elements to the job whether you are applying as a server, cook or a busser.

When you dress for your Denny’s visit don’t over or under do it. Dress casual but appropriate for the job you have chosen to apply to. Maintaining a crisp and clean appearance is a big benefit when applying to this family establishment.

Good luck on your job quest at Denny’s. Just smile and make eye contact when you are speaking to management and employees at the store, and all should be well.

Denny’s Careers

Denny’s Careers and Jobs: There’s more to it than meets the eye!

Denny’s is a very diverse workforce opportunity that has a lot more to offer than most people think.

Most of the time when someone mentions Denny’s careers and jobs the first thoughts are server, cook and busser or dishwasher, but the truth is there is a lot more to it than that. Many people start out in these positions and work their way up into high ranking positions making annual salaries.

Let’s take a look at just dome of the jobs that Denny’s has to offer. You can follow this link to get more detailed information on the positions as well as the locations of these Denny’s careers.

We know the basics are naturally people skills, integrity, respect, cleanliness, the ability to multitask, work as a team, work well under pressure, enthusiasm and the like. This is also career that demands that you enjoy working with people, serving them and that you take pride in both your tasks and the way you present the foods, station, drinks and establishment to the guests. Many location require workers to be certified in the skill of food handling, and that the applicant be at least 18 years of age.

Denny’s Careers range from the following:



Dishwasher/ Servers Assistant

Restaurant Manager

General Manager

Assistant Manager

Host or Hostess


District Manager

Manager of Restaurant Excellence and Operations

Manager, Corporate HR and Development

And, there are even more opportunities than those listed above. So, when you hire in with a company like Denny’s, even in a lower ranking position, the changes for advancement within this company are outstanding depending on your work ethic and dependability.

There are a lot of third party websites that will allow you to fill out a job application. The best and safest way to insure that you are dealing with a legitimate site is to fill out your Denny’s application from the company’s official webpage.

You may also print Denny’s application, however many locations only accept online submissions. With that being said you will need to call after the online application and assessment has been completed to notify the team that you have applied to the position.

If you decide to go in to speak to the manager, then take a resume with you. Even if you have filled out a Denny’s application online this is a very professional move. Dress according to the position that you are applying for. Naturally management positions will call for a more formal appearance while servers, bussers and cooks should remain clean and casual.

Your personality, confidence and enthusiasm will also carry you a long way when applying to any of Denny’s jobs and career opportunities. This is a great company that has it all if you are willing to do what it takes to succeed. Good luck on your quest with Denny’s employment, and remember to smile!

Thanks for reading this article on Denny’s careers .

Denny’s Job Application Tips



Looking for a job can be stressful, and in today’s economy the competition can be fierce. A lot of people offer advice and mean well, but it is not always accurate. The following Denny’s job application tips are offered directly from a hiring manager working with the company.

Many locations either prefer or only accept online application submissions. If you are planning to go old school and stop in to the establishment do not do it during peak hours. The best time to visit a restaurant in between 2 and 4 pm, Monday through Thursday.

While a restaurant job may not require the most formal attire, you will need to dress for the position that you have applied for. If you are applying for management a casual [pant suit, dress pants and a sweater or the like is a great idea. For front or back of the house employees a more casual attire is appropriate. Make sure you are clean and your clothes are pressed.  Jeans and a Polo are fine for inquiring about these positions.

Have an up to date resume on hand that has your employment history, education and references. Do not half step it. Try to get the dates, addresses and additional information as close to authentic as possible, and do not lie on your resume or application.

Have a pen with you. Use blue or black ink. You want to be prepared, after all, they may ask you to fill out your new hire packet on the spot!

Your hours of availability and the position you are applying for is fundamental. You will need to be able to work weekends and holidays, and keep in mind Sunday is nonnegotiable in most establishments.

While some managers may make special exceptions for some extenuating circumstances usually getting hired means having great availability.

Another great idea is cross training. You could train, for example as a server and also as a hostess.

When you are filling out the Denny’s job application you will have to “sell yourself.” This means showing off your people skills! Smile, make eye contact and offer up a firm handshake both meeting with and departing the hiring manager’s acquaintance. Be sure to thank them for their time.

While you are waiting to hear back from the company many people will tell you that you need to call. A follow up call a few days following the interview is fine during the minimal business hours, but don’t harass the managers. The truth is that many managers detest the “follow up” call. It is often a misconception that it “shows interest”, but managers know exactly who they have in mind for the position.

Once you are called in for the “second interview” that does not set in stone that the job is yours. Turn on those people skills and smile. Dress one step nicer than the staff you seen on your first visit there. Again, jeans and a Polo or a nice pant suit depending on the position.

Remember, managers are looking for work ethic, personality, availability and a genuine team player. Fill out the Denny’s job application on Denny’s official website, and you will also be required to complete an assessment.

Remember, when they see you are serious and professional that means a lot, but not as much as friendliness, availability, confidence and enthusiasm.

We hope these Denny’s job application tips have helped.

Denny’s Employment Requirements


These are the work requirements as described on the Denny’s official website. To find out more you can click here to be redirected to gain more details or apply for one of the positions listed there.

Some stores require applicants to be 18 years of age, so find out the age requirement at the Denny’s you are applying to.



As a Server you will be required to:

v  Lift and carry supplies and equipment up to 30 lbs

v  Raise a tray weighing up to 25 lbs to shoulder height

v  Bend, stoop, reach, wipe, lift, and grasp to serve customers and complete side-work

v  Be able to stand and walk throughout a 4 to 8 hour shift

v  Able to hear well in a loud environment to respond to employee and guest needs

v  Meet any state, county or municipal regulation pertaining to health risk concerns about food handling

v  Observe, count, and differentiate between monetary denominations

v  Serve all Denny’s menu products

v  Operate the point of sale system

v  Work around potentially hazardous chemicals



v  You need to have a passion for great food and great service.


If you have a passion for great food and great service, come on in. A friendly smile and enthusiasm for the job is a great start to a rewarding career at Denny’s.



v Focused on Qualityv Strong leadership abilityv Team playerv Good communication and people skillsv Enthusiastic

v Ability to handle multiple tasks

v Desire to succeed through hard work


General Manager

v Minimum of 3 years’ experience in restaurant, hospitality or retail management, additional operations and/or leadership experience strongly preferredv Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree preferred or equivalent combination of education and experiencev Strong organizational skills with excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to communicate with all levels of the organizationv Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in the English languagev Possesses basic math skills (add, subtract, multiply, divide)

v Places a value on diversity and shows respect for others

v Proven ability to problem solve and handle high stress situations

v Ability to work weekends, holidays, evenings and additional shifts as needed

v Available to travel, to include occasional overnight and airline travel when applicable

v Has reliable transportation in order to meet banking obligations

Assistant Manager

v  Strong knowledge of restaurant’s operations.

v  Ability to successfully provide day to day results.

v  Ability to evaluate and positively impact the environment.

v  Ability to provide on-the-job training for others.

v  Adequate presentation skills.

v  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

v  Responsible for anywhere from 15 to 50 subordinates. This number will be determined by restaurant volume.

v  High School Diploma and 3-5 years of management experience.

v  College degree preferred and/or equivalent combination of education and experience.

v  Basic computer skills are required.

Corporate Manager

v  Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or a related field required

v  Minimum of 7 years of experience in an HR field support or generalist role, including experience working with senior levels of management.

v  Proven experience in recruiting, selection, employment law and employee relations, performance management, and employee development.

v  Experience with organizational and leadership development initiatives, including employee assessments and engagement surveys strongly preferred.

v  PHR/SPHR certification or advanced degree is a plus.

v  Proven and demonstrated experience handling various human resources issues, including knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

v  Effective managerial experience, including leadership in both people management and project management.

v  Excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to communicate with all levels of the organization.

v  Strong problem solving skills and the ability to partner with others to achieve results.

v  Ability to effectively coach, motivate, negotiate and influence others.

v  Proven ability to manage multiple priorities with a strong attention to detail.

v  Must be proficient with all Microsoft Office applications.

v  Ability to travel when needed, including overnight stays and airline travel when applicable.

Where allowed by law, Denny’s, Inc. conducts criminal background checks and uses E-Verify to confirm work eligibility. A criminal conviction is not an automatic bar to employment. Be honest on your application, and it will take you a long way!



Denny’s Interview Tips


The Denny’s interviewing process will vary from one location to another. While some establishments may call a potential employee in for an interview, others may interview you on the spot. If you are not called right away don’t fret. You should follow other leads, but keep in mind it could take a couple of weeks for a call back.

Denny’s is also known to conduct several interviews before settling on a candidate for hire. Whether you have applied for an entry level position or a management position you will be faced with anywhere from 2 to 4 interviews.

There is a formal format in place for the hiring process, and each interview will last around 15 minutes in duration. That is not a lot of time to make yourself stand out to remember to smile, show personality and enthusiasm. That is very important, because you have to sell yourself as being the best possible fit.

Get there a little early on days that you are scheduled to be interviewed. Make sure you have honed your people skills, and be prepared to have to focus in a distracting environment. Denny’s can be a high demand and hectic job, and this is a great way for a manager to gauge your poise.

You may have to answer questions like how will you have your childcare covered if your child is ill and cannot go to school, what method of transportation will you use, can you work weekends and stay late if needed, etc. You will also be questioned about job history, why you left and what you liked about that   job. You should have at least 3 up to date, nonrelated references whom you have known for a year or more.

Be ready to tell the hiring manager why you want to work at Denny’s and why you think that they should hire you!

Dress in either casual business clothing or a nice collared shirt and jeans depending on the job you are applying for. Your clothing should not be offensive, stained, wrinkled or dirty and you should not overdo it with cosmetics or cologne. If you have long nails you may want to cut them down and wear a clear or light polish if any at all.

While Denny’s is sometimes fast paced it is also a laid back job that has a lot to offer its employees. While in your interview do not be overly uptight, but relax and show your personality.

Be prepared to have to pass a drug test, as many organizations now consider that a requirement for employment. It is a great idea to have a food handlers licenses in areas that will require it, a valid ID and a social security cars. All of these things will be required, and ID’s must not be expired. The company does use E-Verify.

Look at the company’s website, online menu and learn to “speak their language.” When meeting with and departing from the manager offer a firm handshake. Do not forget to introduce yourself with the first handshake making eye contact and smiling as well as thank him/her in the same manner when departing.

You should ask questions as well. While they are   interviewing you, it is also your chance to interview them to make sure the merger will be a good one. Stay upbeat, but do not come across as fake or overzealous. If you are nervous, tell them so! Its natural, and it explains unusual behaviors that you may not know you are portraying.

You will be fine, if you made it to the interview stages you are being seriously considered, so relax and enjoy the process. You will love working for Denny’s and you can advance with this company.

Denny’s Job Benefits



Working at Denny’s can be a really fun and lucrative career choice, but what many do not know is that they also offer benefits to qualifying employees that are truly outstanding. For a comprehensive overview you can click here.


Some of the highlights of Denny’s job benefits are as follows:

Both Denny’s employees and their dependents are allowed coverage on employee’s benefits packages. The following is an outline of whom can be considered as a dependent.


Qualifications include:

Any employee of Denny’s working regular, full-time or salaried employees, who are scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week.


Eligible dependents include:

Your spouse is an eligible dependent. This means a person of the opposite sex to whom you are legally married, or who is recognized as your common law spouse in your state of residence. This can also cover your same-sex domestic partner.

Your unmarried dependent children up to age 19 to 23 can be covered if they are full-time students. This includes a legal dependent acquired through a court ruling or qualified medical child support order.


Other Dependents include:


  • Your unmarried dependent children of any age who were disabled at or before age 19 — or 23 for full-time students — and are mentally or physically unable to care for themselves
  • Children eligible for coverage include your children by birth, stepchildren, children for whom you have legal guardianship or your legally adopted children, a child placed with you for adoption and foster children.

You may be required to provide a copy of your marriage certificate, domestic partnership affidavit, proof of full-time student status or other documentation proving eligibility.

Your parents, grandparents and siblings are not eligible for coverage — even if you have custody or provide full support.


Domestic Partner Eligibility

  • For domestic partner eligibility, you and your partner must have met eligibility requirements for a period of at least 12 months. You and your partner must:
  • Reside together in an exclusive mutual commitment similar to that of marriage
  • Share financial assets and obligations
  • Be of the age of consent
  • Not be related by blood to a degree of closeness that would prohibit a legal marriage in the state of residence
  • Not be legally married to any other person or have another domestic partner
  • You must provide proof of the domestic partnership to have coverage, including:
  • An affidavit of spousal equivalency signed by both partners


At least three of the following, which must be dated to confirm that your relationship has existed for a period of at least 12 months:


  • A contractual commitment for financial responsibility
  • Joint mortgage, lease or ownership of a residence shared by the domestic partners
  • Joint ownership of significant assets, such as bank accounts, investment accounts or motor vehicles
  • Designation of domestic partner as sole beneficiary for life insurance or retirement accounts
  • Designation of domestic partner as primary beneficiary of your will, if one has been executed
  • Designation of powers of attorney for durable property and/or health care

You will also have to provide satisfactory proof of insurability for your domestic partner to have life insurance coverage.





Denny’s Salary

Denny’s Salary: What to expect


What you make at Denny’s depends on you, and this is especially true for servers. While hostesses and bussers or the cook are on a set wage, and management usually on salary a server works primarily on tips.

A common misconception is that a servers tips depends on the section that they get. Sure, a good section makes it easier to get the money, but a good server can make great money at Denny’s no matter where they are stationed to work.

Servers can make anywhere from $2.13 an hour (federal subminimum wage) plus tips to minimum wage plus their tips. It really comes down to the state that you are working in and their wage laws. In a 2010 review by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated servers average $14.30 per hour with their pay and tips included.


Kitchen workers, especially those with experience can really average more than the servers. The goal is to become the highest ranking cook, once you go into “management” the pay actually becomes salary and decreases. The fact is without a salary a great cook can get to the $79,402 plus annual mark.

Management is actually the lower paid employees after it is all said and done. They rank in pay with the bussers/dish and server assistants. The thing is with servers they can make upwards of $15 an hour, and good kitchen staff is making the same, but once on a salary no matter how much time you spend in the establishment you are making the same thing, and let’s face it, a manager spends a lot of time at the job.

Many employees have no interest in going on salary, but those who are cut out for management do love it. While the salary does not average out in the end to be as lucrative as some entry level positions it is nothing to sneeze at.

Corporate managers can make out quite well too. This is the goal that in-store and regional managers work to achieve. These are the highest wages paid through Denny’s.

So, regardless if you are an entry level employee or a manager you will make money with this corporation as long as you put in the effort and time to make it happen. This is one of those jobs that is goal oriented, and it will be what you make it.

It is not a job that will offer guaranteed wage sums unless you are on a salary.

Wages at Denny’s will revolve around your work ethic, availability, experience, state wage laws and personality. It even connects to your ability to work under pressure and multitask. Your position and rank will be the final piece to the financial puzzle.

When you couple the benefits with your earnings and wages then you see the whole picture of how much of a great company that this is to work for. It is definitely a career choice that can benefit you on many levels and turn out to be quite rewarding.





Denny’s Hours

Denny’s Hours and Specials

Denny’s is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They take pride in offering fantastic food at affordable prices to their guests. Denny’s is a great place for the whole family. They are always offering specials and promotional items that may vary according to location. Many find the round the clock Denny’s hours to  be very convenient.

From Denny’s breakfast sandwiches to their build your own skillets there is something for everyone. For the penny pincher you can order from the value menu. These range in price from 2$ to 8$.

This is a spectacular family dining establishment that believes in awesome customer service with a smile and offering quality food. They keep it friendly and affordable while also giving back to the community.

Every Denny’s special that you purchase will help a family in need, as the restaurant participates in scholarship programs. Much of this is done with proceeds from the specials that customers like you purchase, so, in retrospect, when you buy a Denny’s special you are giving back to the community too!

Denny’s is not only a great place to work offering a lot of incentives, but it is a great place to dine! This is one of the rare places left that has family at its heart, and maintaining those low prices and specials is Denny’s way of saying thanks.

If you are going to take a trip, or if you are just looking for a Denny’s near you then you can go to their main website to get store locations. Again, Denny’s hours are 24/7.

Also on the main webpage you can like their Facebook, Twitter and sign up for their newsletter all of which will get you the inside scoop on up and coming specials, promotions and new coupons.

It is not recommended to go through third party sites to get coupons for any restaurant unless you see the link from an official website. Many scams are in place just to access your email, address and the like.

You may also ask about fit and fare specials, the senior menu and the children’s menu along with any specials that the restaurant may be running. Alongside corporate specials there may be in house specials as well.

Denny’s wait staff are well equipped and informed and will be able to offer you any information that you may need on how to get these great savings. You will always be the first to find out about these spectacular savings and any events that the company may be offering to consumers, so don’t get left out!

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling or just wanting a bite to eat at 3am Denny’s always has a seat for you with amazing deals and specials your tummy and your wallet will thank you for. With the friendly service and laid back atmosphere it is a place you will feel at home, and you also a place will definitely want to return.

What are you waiting for! Go to Denny’s website and get started by signing up for the newsletter and liking them on social media today. Then you can search for stores near you. Enjoy!

We hope this article on Denny’s hours and specials have provided you with helpful information.



About Denny’s

All About Denny’s

Denny’s is considered to be “Americas Diner.” For over 60 years people have been welcomed to this diverse and friendly family diner with open arms. This is a franchise that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week welcoming family’s and weary travelers across the United States. They keep their prices low and always give forward.

This restaurant is a staple of America’s pancake houses open since 1963. It is a fast and casual family dining establishment. This franchise exceeds 1600 locations across the U.S., Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Canada and more.  America’s diner has become an international favorite.

This is a loyal company that offers around the clock service and a full menu no matter what time it is. This is a place where you can have breakfast on Christmas morning. The only time Denny’s closes its doors is on law required holidays.

Most of the establishments still follow the old 1950’s diner design and feel. The first one was opened in Florida, Fort Myers to be exact. In 2010 the loved diner expanded partnering with many Pilot Truck Stops falling under Flying J brands. Denny’s became the leader of full service restaurants within travel centers anywhere else.

Denny’s is more than an amazing place to eat. It is more than a covenant travel stop. Danny’s is a spectacular place to work. This is a company that really offers great benefits and room for advancement to its employees from the back of the house through to management. Even entry level employees are covered when they meet the correct criteria.

Denny’s participated in community success as well. They have a scholarship program, and they donate to needy families. They strive to keep their prices affordable despite the economy or its fluctuations. You can count on this amazing company to always stay the same or get better, and they will never make the customer pay for more than they ordered. You know when you order at Denny’s the proceeds are going to more than the corporate pocket.

When you crack it up in the nutshell you get an amazing community, employee and customer oriented restaurant that everyone will love and benefit from. It is one of the rare businesses left that is for the people on every level.

This company strives to exceed health regulations and does not discriminate. While it did have some issues in the mid 1990’s it is today considered one of America’s most diverse restaurants in the region, and they will go above and beyond to make you a very satisfied customer (or employee) regardless of your sexual orientation, color, creed or religion.

Come on in to America’s diner, bring the kids and get ready for a great meal at affordable prices. You can offer feedback on the website as well as sign up for the newsletter and get store locations. The website is very easy to use and informative.

This is an ever growing empire, and it is certainly an experience that you will cherish in these fast paced times. It is like going back to a simpler time, and that today is priceless.